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Multimech Solutions Ltd

Innovative Engineering Solutions from Concept to Completion
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Design Services
At Multimech Solutions we believe in keeping things simple and thats why where possible we aim
to incorporate standard 'off the shelf' parts within all our designs, aiming for an ideal product which
offers the best performance with regards to productivity, reliability, and robustness, is what inspires
us to be ingenious at all times.
Multimech Solutions now offers Augmented Reality (AR) to aid client visualisation of design concepts using eDrawings
for iOS. A feature that will enable you to view any eDrawings file in situ. At any point in the design process, you
are now able to review your design in its typical surroundings to evaluate its size, scale and proportions.

AR is available in both the Standard and Professional versions of eDrawings for iPad and iPhone and is available on the appstore.
It lets everyone on the design team see your concept design at full scale so its true size is obvious to everyone. Customers who
have previewed this have told us that this will be a great tool when communicating the ideas to their own team members.
To download eDrawings (the free Solidworks file viewer), click on the text below:

         Click here to download eDrawings

To watch a demonstration of Augmented Reality by our very own Gary Mellor, click on the text below;


         Click here for a demonstration on Augmented Reality


To download the Augmented Reality global marker (Target), click on the text below;


        E drawings global_marker.pdf



  •  3D Design and Modelling
  •  Concept designs and drawings
  •  Design reviews using Augmented Reality
  •  2D detailing drawings
  •  Factory layouts
  •  Product Design and Development
  •  Pneumatic circuits