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Multimech Solutions Ltd

Innovative Engineering Solutions from Concept to Completion
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About Us

Multimech Solutions is a formidable force in Industrial Automation & Machine Design, providing customer-focused solutions to industrial projects of all sizes across a wide range of applications, by working with you, the customer.

Our expertise is well recognised within the industry and is based on an array of successful and high-profile projects that have been implemented worldwide across 20 years of experience.

The company has the capacity to provide complete engineering solutions in-house as well as deal with specific manufacturing issues at your site. Using a network of proven suppliers, we can also offer turnkey projects involving complex mechanical and electrical design and build issues.

We service end users across a wide spectrum of industries. These include the Automotive, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Extrusion, and Foundry Industries.

Multimech Solutions uses its experience in wider applications across multiple industries to provide you with the best bespoke solutions to the problems at hand. Indeed, our vast knowledge of industrial processes ensures that the best practice is implemented in all our projects.

Here are the guidelines that drive our efforts to transform our vision statements into reality:

  1.  Reliability and Responsiveness
  2.  Honesty and Hard Work
  3.  Customer Care and Inclusion
  4.  Professionalism and Ingenuity
  5.  Forward thinking approaches for a forward thinking company

Our Scope of Supply

Multimech Solutions is dedicated to the provision of mechanical, electrical, and software solutions to automation problems directly and through our selected partners.

We offer:

  1.  Robust and reliable bespoke machinery
  2.  Cost-effective machinery solutions
  3.  Analising for plant processes to help achieve production efficiency
  4.  Project coordination and customer satisfaction
  5.  Innovative design development for bespoke projects
  6.  Sourcing of suppliers for all types of industrial machinery

Transparancy; full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information

We are truly transparent in all of our projects. With no hidden agenda, we merely aim to expand our horizons by delivering engineering excellence whilst at the same time meeting all of your needs – that is why you are involved every step of the way.


Honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, integrity

We strive to propagate respectful and reciprocal relationships with our customers and partners. We look after those who depend on us without taking advantage of their reliance on us, and we expect the same in return.


Innovation, Inventive skill & imagination

We enjoy the opportunity to create robust, precedent-setting solutions to the new challenges that you set us whilst ensuring that they are simple to maintain and operate.


Ingenuity, Imaginative & clever design

We respect the machines with which we work – aiming to equip them in a way that ensures they carry out their life-spans successfully and productively. In addition, our forward planning and meticulous attention to detail is geared towards addressing every eventuality within our designs.

Aiming for an ideal product which offers the best performance with regards to productivity, reliability, and robustness, is what inspires us to be ingenious at all times.


Fruition, The accomplishment of what is desired

We do not consider project fruition to have been achieved until you are satisfied with the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This includes Availability, Performance, and Quality.